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Welcome to National Podoconiosis Action Network’s (NaPAN) official website.  We are a consortium of partners working in Ethiopia to see Ethiopia free of podoconiosis. Podoconiosis or podo in short is  a form of elephantiasis or swelling of the lower leg triggered by prolonged  barefoot exposure to irritant minerals in red clay soils. Unlike other form of elephantiasis, there is NO infectious cause of podoconiosis (no virus, bacterium or parasite).The disease causes massive swelling and disabling skin changes in the lower legs.

It is a neglected tropical disease which leads to severe disability, stigma, and socioeconomic impact and affects more than one million in Ethiopia.  NaPAN seeks to engage in different partnerships and collaborative projects to put an end to this disease.  Please join the fight and help us to see Ethiopia free of podoconiosis.

Podo can easily be prevented by wearing shoes and keeping regular foot hygiene. It is also treatable through inexpensive foot hygiene, skin care, bandaging and other simple treatment.  

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to visit our website and work with us. You can easily navigate through different pages and get more information about NaPAN and podoconiosis, podo prevention and treatment  and other important information and resources. You can also contact us by filling your inquiry on our contact page. We believe you like our dynamic website and its fast navigation features. You can also like us on face book and follow us on twitter.


Our Vision: To see Ethiopia free of podoconiosis

Our Mission: To coordinate and standardize efforts for the elimination of podoconiosis, to build the capacity of members and other stakeholders, and to support research for evidence based interventions.